Guided, Structured, Group Use of Entheogenic Substances in Western Culture

(doctoral dissertation)
Investigator: Roger Marsden
California Institute of Integral Studies, Clinical Psychology
Sponsors: 1998 Kranzke Scholarship; MAPS
What are the different frameworks being employed by entheogenic guides? How are these frameworks different from those used in the research of the 1960s? How do the variations in present day frameworks appear to affect the outcome? Regardless of one’s individual assumption of the value of psychedelic work, it is happening in a variety of contexts across the planet. The investigator has completed all interviews in 3 guided, structured entheogen/psychedelic groups. Data anaysis is complete (10 central themes extracted for the basis of discussion, i.e., preparation, integration, relationship of participants to guide, role of relationship of participants to each other, description of the actual sessions, relationship of the work to drug abuse issues, etc.)