MAPS Submitted a Twelve Page Basic Reply

MAPS submitted a twelve page basic reply (which included in a bit of comic relief a required menu of the snack foods and drinks that we would offer to subjects on the MDMA therapy days and our plans for handling the issue of food-related allergies), and assorted other documents including

  1. a letter from the researcher conducting the screening and outcome measures explaining that he had never met Dr. Mithoefer in person and had no particular interest in MDMA
  2. an eight page informed consent form for the friend/partner who would pick up the subject after the MDMA session
  3. a release form for sharing of subject’s personal medical information
  4. a wallet card for subjects showing there had participated in a legal MDMA research project in case they were drug tested for any reason in the several days after the experimental sessions during which time they might test positive for MDMA or amphetamines, and
  5. a confidentiality agreement for any physicians or therapists who referred subjects to the study.