Medical Marijuana Research Update: November 2003

Several days ago, as a result of its Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, MAPS received a copy from DEA of the one public comment about Prof. Craker’s application for a license to produce marijuana that was filed with DEA during the public comment period that ended September 22, 2003. The comment was submitted by Professor Mahmoud ElSohly, Director of NIDA’s marijuana farm at the University of Mississippi, who strongly opposed DEA licensing of Prof. Craker’s facility. MAPS’ reply to Prof. ElSohly’s letter was sent today to DEA. Basically, Prof. ElSohly wants to retain his monopoly.

Rather hilariously, he explains that he and NIDA didn’t consider it a significant issue that the marijuana cigarettes made available to researchers for the last twenty years or so contained seeds and stems. Nevertheless, they have installed “custom-manufactured deseeding equipment that rids the plant material of any seeds and small stems prior to the manufacturing of the cigarettes.” One day, we can perhaps look forward to NIDA’s coming to understand the value of growing female plants that aren’t permitted to go to seed.