Pharmacological, imaging and immunological studies of Ayahuasca in Healthy Volunteers

Investigators: Manel Barbanoj, MD, PhD and Jordi Riba
Institute de Recerca, Hospital de Sant Pau – Barcelona, Spain
Sponsor: Institut de Reserca, Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau (HSCSP)
A study of the urinary excretion of ayahuasca alkaloids in the 22-volunteer, double-blind study (described below) is planned but has not yet been conducted due to lack of funding. The double-blind brain-imaging study using SPECT to study regional cerebral blood flow after ayahuasca administration has been fully approved and is now in progress. As of this date, seventeen volunteers have undergone all experimental sessions. This study will also look for any immunomodulating effects of ayahuasca. These studies are seeking additional information on mechanisms of action underlying the central effects of ayahuasca.
Read the update in the MAPS Bulletin, Summer 2000 issue.