Clarification to Baltimore Sun Article on MDMA Psychotherapy Research

Clarification to Baltimore Sun article on MDMA psychotherapy research

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July 29, 2004 Thursday FINAL Edition
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HEADLINE: Clarification

An article in Monday’s editions of The Sun on a study of the potential therapeutic benefits of the illegal drug Ecstasy cited the views of Harvard psychiatrist John Halpern. Dr. Halpern says he is a proponent of research into the drug’s medicinal properties but does not favor its widespread use in psychiatry. The government-authorized study in Charleston, S.C. is trying to determine whether Ecstasy can help trauma victims heal their emotional wounds. LOAD-DATE: July 29, 2004

A front page article in the Sunday Baltimore Sun discussed MAPS’ MDMA psychotherapy research in a favorable light, illustrated with a photo of Rick Doblin. Of special note is the conclusion, in which Dr. George Ricaurte says that MDMA may one day find a place as an accepted medication. On July 29, the Sun published a clarification to the article.