MAPS Benefit Dinner and Dance
at Alex’s Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirriors

We are thrilled to announce this special event held at Alex Grey‘s new sacred art space. The evening event will start at 6:30 PM. We’re asking for a $100 donation to MAPS per person, which also includes a ticket to the all-night dance (current MAPS members also get a second ticket to the all-night dance). At 7 PM, Alex will give a talk about his art and show people around the Gallery. We’ll have dinner and then at 8:30 PM, we’ll have short talks by:

Dr. Michael Mithoefer (primary investigator in the MDMA/PTSD study)
Dr. John Halpern (PI on the MDMA/cancer anxiety study we are trying to get approved at McLean)
Dr. Charlie Grob (psilocybin/cancer anxiety study- this is a Heffter Research Institute study)
Valerie Mojeiko (MAPS staffer who is coordinating our ibogaine outcome study)
Brandy Doyle (MAPS staffer who is coordinating our Rites of Passage project about parents who create opportunities for psychedelic experiences for their kids, and vice versa)
and Rick Doblin, MAPS President.

About 9:45 PM, incredible photographer Dean Chamberlain will take a group photo. This ends the evening event.

At 10PM, doors open for the all-night dance, for which we are asking everyone to become a MAPS member at whatever membership level they choose (current MAPS members can come for just $20). The dance is limited to 250 people. The same group of speakers will talk again starting about 10:15. We’ll have DJs, one or two bands, and some games, until about 7 AM. We’ll have free water, juice bar, bodywork available, and breakfast.

The gallery is at:
540 W. 27th Street 4th Floor
New York, NY 10001

That’s the basics! You can purchase tickets/donate through the MAPS website and indicate in the final dialogue box which event you would like your donation to be for, or you can send a check to the MAPS office at 2105 Robinson Ave, Sarasota, FL, 34232 or call at 941 924-6277.