Campus Freethought Alliance Presents Highlights from the 2004 UC Berkeley Symposium on Psychedelics: Their Value and Social Responsibility Tuesday November 30, 2004 7pm-10pm UNL City Union Auditorium Ralph Metzner, Ph.D., “Psychedelics, Psychoactive and Addictive Drugs and States of Consciousness.” Metzner, who studied psychology and psychopharmacology at Harvard University with Timothy Leary and Ram Dass, discusses his models of consciousness based on 30 years of research. A 20 minute presentation on DVD Adele Getty, “Why Psychedelics Wont Go Away.” Getty, a cultural anthropologist and former wife of British social anthropologist Frances Huxley, argues that psychedelics represent a revitalization movement of spiritual importance during times of crisis. A 20 minute presentation on DVD Maura T. Lucas, Ph.D., “On Not Passing the Acid Test: Shamanic Perspectives on Bad Trips.” Lucas, a neuropsychologist, argues Europeans have become disconnected from our shamanic roots and need to find ways of reestablishing this connection. This will require taking some bad tripsthat is, confronting our shadow and the shadow of Western culture, namely individualism, dominance, and control. A 20 minute presentation on DVD There will be a question and answer session following each DVD presentation moderated by the UC Berkeley symposium organizer, Mark A. Schroll, Ph.D.