Eivissas Raves Have Made This Tourist Destination Mythic

El Mundo [Ibiza edition?]
March 18, 2005

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Translated from Spanish

[notes posted by Ilsa Jerome PhD]

“Eivissa’s ‘raves’ have made this tourist destination mythic”

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“Eivissa’s ‘raves’ have made this tourist destination mythic”

This is how the location of the villa that the North American association studying drug risks and benefits is offering is represented on eBay

Eivissa — Among objects as curious as vases with images of peyote, a hallucinogenic cactus, or books on [psychedelic, hallucinogenic] mushrooms, one can find the opportunity to bid, until next Monday [March 21, 2005], for a stay at a “spacious villa in the south of Eivissa, in Spain”, according to the auction definition on the auction site eBay.

In this thriving virtual business with earnings of up to 2.5 billion Euros yearly as well as 328 million articles for sale and 600,000 Spanish registered users, the villa’s location, Eivissa, is presented as the perfect destination to “get a tan, dance, and participate in trance parties” since “the island’s raves are what have made” this destination “mythic”. Illegal parties like raves, which, according to the explanations, “take place throughout the year”.

On the other hand, the fact that “there are good roads on the island” is expressed, so that visitors are encouraged to “rent a car”.

Already, 129 people have bid on this item, that is to say, to spend a week at a stupendous villa with “large rooms, bathrooms, living room, kitchen, courtyard, and excellent porches”.

The opening price was 99.99 Euros and the current bid is up to 999.99 dollars. This item’s market price, however, is 1500 Euros and the ploy to attract bids on it is the message, “let yourself be carried away to a luxurious experience at an excellent villa in Eivissa”.

[photo caption: Photo of the Eivissa villa that can be bid on at eBay.]