Chemic Laboratories Sends a Letter to Assistant Secretary for Health

Chemic Laboratories sends a letter to Assistant Secretary for Health Joel Egertson, responding to his July 27, 2005 letter (received August 15, 2005) rejecting Chemic’s June 2003 application to NIDA to purchase 10 grams of marijuana for further vaporizer research. Chemic’s letter rebuts every critique of the protocol used by Mr. Egertson and urges him to reconsider. After taking over two years to reply, HHS/NIDA’s protocol reviewers didn’t take the time to read the protocol carefully and made some rather basis mistakes in the review. HHS/NIDA’s refusal to sell Chemic 10 grams of marijuana for MAPS-sponsored vaporizer research is yet another example of the need to break NIDA’s monopoly on the supply of marijuana that can be used in legal research.