Synergenesis 2
Saturday October 8, 2005
Sanfrancisco, CA

a full day of visionary culture design…

Full interactive hands on workshops with
Alex and Allyson Grey
Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffmann

Visionary Downloads from
Erik Davis and Jennifer Dumpert
Daniel Pinchbeck
Jenny Pell

Crystal and Spore interactivated metamedia environment

Visionary Beatbox Puppet Shenanigans with the Funginears

Cultural Visionaries Panel with amazing creators from up and down the coast, illuminating the process and informing the (r)evolution

Group Art Show including new work from:
Luke Brown
Carey Thompson
Vibrata Chromodoris
Roman Villagrana
Mariela de la Paz
David Heskin
Micheal Brown
Rob Newell
and many more!

Tribal Market of independant artisans
Dancefloor Activation and Integration of the Day with Bluetech, Rodman and Naasko

Ritual Prayerformance with Matrixters, Mirroracle, BenBenStone and Mayku, Ulantia Studios, and amazing altared space and found object alchemy by Shrine