Consciousness and the Spirits of Nature
Presented by Heart of the Initiate
November 04-21, 2005
Bahia, Brazil

Heart of the Initiate offers tours to Brazil where we help people make sacred inner journeys through an intensive workshop experience. Our Brazil workshops incorporate shamanic ceremonies using the ancient plant teacher, Ayahuasca.

Guest Facilitators and Staff:
Ralph Miller – Respected facilitator Ralph Miller utilizes the gifts of our Earth Mother to awaken the Truth and Proof of our real selves. His gentle, quieting stillness creates a soothing and safe environment necessary to reach the depth of our inner being. It is here that you are awakened to the true you; opening your eyes and mind to the many hidden dimensions that surround us.

Stuart Wilde – Well known and respected for the 17 books he’s written on consciousness and spirituality, Stuart Wilde has spent the last 25 years exploring the trans-dimensional doorway and helping others to find it themselves. Those who work with him quickly realize that at heart, Stuart is an enormously loving, generous and caring teacher, whose primary mission is to help seekers recognize their own truth.

Kajuyali Tsamani – Step into a tradition where the shaman will lead you to his world of the supernatural. Initiated by the legendary Kogi Indians of Northern Colombia, Kajuyali Tsamani will host an interactive ayahuasca experience with drumming, singing, dancing and movement.

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