Sentient Experientials and the Council for Cultural and Biological Diversity presents the 18th “Plants as Teacher, Traditional Wisdom, and Rainforest Conservation Strategies.”

A Rainforest Plant Medicine Intensive Workshops:
Monday, January 23 2006 to Monday, January 30, 2006
San Jose, Costa Rica
Cost: $1200/person
Space available for max 22 participants

Join us on an unforgettable adventure of self-discovery, wellness and exploration of rainforest plant traditions with cultural masters and acclaimed ethnobotanist.

Why is Sentient Experientials hosting these quintessential, inspiring, extraordindary workshops? Please Read: www.secoya.org and www.secoyashaman.moonfruit.com

To register:
Email: puravida@guariadeosa.com
Tel: (510) 235 4313 (U.S. office) www.GuariadeOsa.com or www.OrchidoftheRainforest.com
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