Swiss Study: SwissMedic Approves MDMA/PTSD Study

Switzerland’s FDA equivalent, SwissMedic, has now fully approved Dr. Peter Oehen’s MAPS-sponsored MDMA/PTSD study. The protocol design had already been approved, and earlier this week we received approval for the source of the MDMA itself, which MAPS is purchasing from a Swiss manufacturer. Now that Dr. Oehen has received permission from SwissMedic and an Ethics Committee (the Swiss IRB equivalent), the only regulatory hurdle remaining is licensing from BAG, the Swiss DEA equivalent, which is expected within a month. Initiation of Dr. Oehen’s study will take place shortly thereafter.

Approval from SwissMedic of the source of the MDMA for the Swiss MDMA/PTSD study will now enable MAPS to move forward with the export of MDMA from Switzerland to Israel. The import/export of the MDMA is the last regulatory step in the initiation of Dr. Moshe Kotler’s MAPS-sponsored MDMA/PTSD research at Beer Yaakov Mental Health Center in Tel Aviv, in subjects with war and terrorism-related PTSD.