Wasiwaska presents Altered States of Consciousness, Psychointegrator Plants, Art and Religion
July 4 – 17, 2006

Wasiwaska: Research Center for the Study of Psychointegrator Plants, Visionary Art and Consciousness
Florianpolis, Brazil

Invited participants:
Graham Hancock, author of Fingerprints of the Gods, and other books on ancient civilizations, now touring the world talking about his latest book Supernatural, Meetings with the Ancients Teachers of Mankind, on rock art and altered states of consciousness. Santha Faila, an outstanding photographer, Hancocks wife, Clark Heinrich, author of Forbidden Fruit , Magic Mushrooms in Religion and Alchemy, and with Carl Ruck and Blaise Daniel Staples of The Apples of Apollo. Pagan and Christian Mysteries of the Eucharist. Lectures by Clak Heinrich: Hidden In Plain Sight: Decoding the Symbols of Myth, Religion, and Alchemy; Finding God Without Religion: The Art of Passing In (lecture and workshop).

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