Wasiwaska presents “Shamanism and the Brain
July 25 – August 7, 2006

Wasiwaska: Research Center for the Study of Psychointegrator Plants, Visionary Art and Consciousness
Florianpolis, Brazil

Invited participants:
Dr. Michael Winkelman, of the Department of Anthropology of Arizona University, author, among other books, of Shamanism. The Neural Ecology of Consciousness and Healing, and who coined the term psychointegrator, and Dr. Mihly Hoppal, a world authority on Eurasian shamanism, Director of the Institute of Ethnology of the Hungarian Academy of Science, and author of many books and films on shamanism. Lectures by Michael Winkelman: Shamanism in Cross Cultural Perspective; Shamanism and the Brain: Psychointegrators and the Brain. Lectures by Mihly Hoppal: Shamanism Renaissance in Eurasia; Functions of Shamans in Hunting Societies; Types of Symbolism in Shamanism. Films by M. Hoppal: Shamanism: Past and Present; Shamans in Eurasia.

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