Transpersonal Conference 2006: 100 Years of Transpersonal Psychology

September 7-9, 2006
Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
1069 East Meadow Circle
Palo Alto, CA 94303

One hundred years ago, William James used the word transpersonal for the first time, in reference to that which transcends the boundaries of the individual self. A century later, the Association for Transpersonal Psychology and the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology invite you to our annual professional conference for an exciting end of the summer and a great way to prepare for the fall. The Conference will be held at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, California.

Keynote Speakers: Stanislav Grof, Jeanne Achterberg, Marilyn Schlitz, James Fadiman.

Special Thursday evening opening event: “Honoring Women in Transpersonal Psychology” with Louisa Teisch, Christina Grof, Leslie Gray, Olga Louchakova, Rosemarie Anderson, Judy Schavrien, Kate Wolf-Pizor and others.

Other outstanding presenters include Stanley Krippner, Estelle Frankel, Daniel Benor, Ronald Jue, Frances Vaughan, Brian Wittine, Ruth Cox, Charles Tart, Neil Fiore, Kirk Schneider, David and Cristel Lukoff, Stuart Sovatsky and Sylvia Nakkach.

Topics: transpersonal psychotherapy, therapy, transpersonal approaches to trauma, healing, transpersonal education, entheogens, Kaballah, dreams, expressive arts, women in transpersonal psychology, the contributions of William James, Otto Rank, C. G. Jung, & Baruch Spinoza, experiential workshops at no extra cost, and poster sessions.

Continuing Education units are available.

Go to the Association for Transpersonal Psychology website for conference information, the program of the presenters and topics, and lodging. You can register at the website online, and by fax and mail. Phone: (650) 524-8764.