Swiss Study: Dr. Peter Oehen Conducts Second Experimental MDMA-Assisted Therapy Session

Dr. Peter Oehen conducted the second experimental MDMA-assisted psychotherapy session with the second subject in his ongoing MAPS-sponsored MDMA-assisted therapy pilot study for subjects with treatment-resistant post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). According to Dr. Oehen, the subject delved into some challenging content, but the long-term results appear to be quite positive. “She was confronted very hard with anxiety, negative emotions related to the sexual abuse and especially her isolation and avoidance of closeness,” said Dr. Oehen. “It was hard work for her in the following days but since then she has made substantial progress”. Therapist reports confirm that the subject “confronted very hard with anxiety and with negative emotions related to their tramua – especially isolation and avoidance of closeness.” This was followed by “hard work for the subject during the following days but since then they have made substantial progress.”