Experimental Studies on the Effects of Psilocybin on Binocular Depth Inversion, Binocular Rivalry, N

Investigators: Torsten Passie M.D., Jrgen Seifert M.D., Udo Schneider M.D., Hinderk M. Emrich M.D., Ph.D.
Medical School Hannover, Dept. of Clinical Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Hannover, Germany
Web: www.schamanismus-information.de
Sponsor: MAPS/Medical School Hannover, Dept. of Clinical Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
This is a randomized, double-blind, active placebo-controlled study of the effects of medium doses of psilocybin in 12 healthy physicians, examining the effects of psilocybin on different neuropsychological measures, perceptual changes, synaesthesias and some subjective effects. These measures include binocular rivalry (different, or conflicting, information presented to each eye) and the “hollow mask” paradigm, measures examining changes in central processing of visual perception. The study is fully approved. MAPS has donated $3,000 for the purchase of 250 milligrams of psilocybin, insurance, and other expenses. Six of twelve subjects have now been enrolled in this study. So far, subjects have not experienced any complications. The setting is designed so that subjects have some quiet times for self-exploration. It seems that they have had some healing passages in their experiences. The study was completed in 2010 and will be published soon.
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