Ketamine Psychedelic Therapy In The Treatment of Heroin Addiction

Investigator: Evgeny Krupitsky MD, PhD., St. Petersburg, Russia

Sponsors: MAPS, Heffter

In this study, forty patients will be given 3 therapy sessions with ketamine, while another forty patients will be given 3 therapy sessions, one with ketamine and two without ketamine. MAPS and Heffter Research Institute have jointly agreed to donate $9,450 each for five years to this study. MAPS and Heffter have already donated for each of the first four years. Fifty-nine patients have already been treated, and follow-up assessments have been performed on patients already enrolled in this study so far. Unfortunately ketamine has recently been rescheduled in Russia and this study has been shut down. Dr. Krupitsky is trying to reopen the study but isn’t sure yet whether this can be accomplished.
Research Protocol for Single vs. Multiple Dose Study