Relapse Prevention and Harm Reduction in the Treatment of Addictive

Norway, Oslo: 17-18 December 2007,

G. Alan Marlatt, PhD, The University of Washington

Relapse Prevention: We will focus on relapse prevention and include the
following topics: Overview of relapse rates for alcohol/drug treatment
programs, theoretical models of determinants of relapse, a description of
relapse triggers and high-risk situations, and an overview of coping skills
designed to prevent relapse.

Harm Reduction: We will cover harm reduction as an intervention that can be
applied both to relapse management (overlap with relapse prevention) or as a
treatment approach for individuals who are unwilling or unable to commit to
an abstinence goal. The following topics will be covered: History and
overview of basic principles of harm reduction, clinical strategies designed
to reduce harmful consequences, and brief interventions applying harm
reduction to adolescents and young adults who are having problems with

Clinical Training & Empirical Research: Participants will learn how to
deliver the treatment procedures through role plays of each component of the
treatments, and through participation on various excercises and discussions
in group.Dr. Marlatt will present updates on the most significant recent;
(a) epidemiological studies, (b) randomized clinical trials, (c)
translational research, (d) empirical studies on mediators or mechanisms of
change, (e) cost-analysis, (f) as well as discuss current and future
research questions, both for relapse prevention and harm reduction. All of
the above within an academic conservative approach, paying attention to
metodological limitations.

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You will learn empirically-validated and highly efficacious cognitive
behavioral treatment models for relapse prevention and harm reduction.
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