May 7 – 14, 2008

Ayahuasca Healing Retreats Special Event program Ayahuasca Experiences, Transpersonal Psychology, Astrology and Body Work Therapy

with Special Guests Gail Waxman, Rebecca Crane and Francine Shelby

Experience ayahuasca in an Eden like environment in Bahia, Brazil.

Body Work Therapy: useful tool for reintegrating personal breakthroughs gained through ayahuasca exploration and technique to assist individuals in releasing stale cellular imprints.

Transpersonal Psychology: working on life transitions and personal transformation, based on the philosophy that change can be wonderful and fun when we are able to see life’s challenges as gifts. Through integrating Hakomi practices, corrective programming, and inner presence, peace and joy become available to the individual.

Astrology: help facilitate the waking-up process through therapeutic exploration of the natal astrological chart. dealing with the topic of consciousness expansion and exploration.

The retreats are held in our private eco center on 39 acres of lush preserved area within Mata Atlantica, the second largest rainforest in Brazil. Our center is located 7 miles from Itacar, a town on the coast of Bahia, and minutes away from pristine beaches.

Also we offer Introductory, Intermediate and Advance courses

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