C O N V E R G E N C E 2008
Ayahuasca Shamanism Conference & Visionary Gathering
10 July – 18 July 2008

Shamanism, Spirit & Science; Plants & People; Art & Nature;

“Discovering Common Ground”

a little bit of bioneers, a little bit of burning man…

Join shamans, visionaries, leading edge thinkers, scientists, spiritual teachers and artists as we discover common ground in multiple disciplines through presentations, workshops and ayahuasca ceremonies.

Together we will explore our outer and inner worlds, push the limits of our perception and challenge our consciousness through sharing our individual and collective experience, spirited dialogues, leading edge lectures, indigenous art workshops, traditional indigenous and on the brink music, visionary art exhibitions and ayahuasca ceremonies in the sensuous, vibrating rainforest of Amazonian Peru.

Gathering Sectors – Medicinal Plant Garden, Bodywork, Mindwork, Deep Sounds of World Class DJs, Swimming Pool, Hammock Heaven, Volleyball, Soccer, Dining Hall.

Housing Options include Private and Shared Rooms, Private and Shared Casitas, Private and Shared Tombos (rooms without walls surrounded by nature), Group Camping/Lodging.

Early bird discounted tickets will be available in early January 2008.

Pablo Amaringo, Guillermo Arevalo, Frank Echenhofer , Ph.D., Martina Hoffmann, Jan Kounen, Dennis McKenna, Ph.D., Jeremy Narby, Ph.D., Ken Tupper, Roberto Venosa, World Class DJs, Bodyworkers, and others soon to be announced

See www.amazonconvergence.com for more info or email: sita@plantteachers.com