Newly Revised MDMA/PTSD Treatment Manual Now

MAPS Researchers Michael Mithoefer MD, Annie Mithoefer BSN, and June May Ruse PhD, have created a revised version of MAPS MDMA/PTSD treatment manual. The new version of the manual builds on a previous manual from 2005, and includes lessons learned from our recently completed US MDMA/PTSD pilot study. The team of researchers reviewed many hours of videotapes of the therapy sessions with the aim of finding clear examples of the key elements of the therapeutic method. The manual will be continually revised as we identify best practices and gather data to link methods to outcomes. The manual, will also be used to develop measurement tools for identifying key elements of the therapeutic method.

The treatment manual, selected excerpts of the videotapes, and the measurement scales of the key elements of our therapeutic method, will form the core of our therapist training program for the male/female co-therapist teams who will conduct MAPS Phase 3 multi-site studies. We anticipate sponsoring studies in 20-30 different locations across the US, Europe, Israel and Jordan.