Flagship US MDMA/PTSD Study Final Monitoring Visit

On January 20-22, MAPS’ clinical research monitoring team, Valerie Mojeiko and Josh Sonstroem, went to Charleston, South Carolina to conduct a closeout visit for MAPS’ flagship US MDMA/PTSD study. The data from this study is now ready to be submitted to FDA.

With this ending also comes the beginning of the “long-term follow up” extension to this study. During this extension, subjects who were enrolled in the original study will be retested on primary outcome variables one year or more after completion. In the initial study, the last measurement of PTSD severity was taken two months after the last experimental session. Since this study took over four years to conduct, some of the data from the long-term follow-up will be from subjects who were treated over four years ago. The value of the long-term follow-up study will be substantially enhanced as a result of the extra length of time since treatment for most of the subjects. MAPS is pleased to have the help of volunteers Scott Martin MD and Mili Ballard to coordinate this long-term follow-up study.