MAPS Clinical research team members Valerie Moje

MAPS Clinical research team members Valerie Mojeiko and Joshua Sonstroem are currently out “in the field” meeting with MAPS researchers around the world on a several week- monitoring trip. Valerie currently writes from Switzerland where they have just finished a visit with our MDMA/PTSD therapy site under the direction of psychiatrist Peter Oehen, MD and are currently working with psychiatrist Peter Gasser, MD at our LSD/end-of-life anxiety study.

“I am amazed at how many regulations there are and how difficult it is to conduct this type of research accordingly,” said Valerie, “Only with careful attention to detail are we able to succeed in keeping up with the regulations–the researchers in Switzerland have put much effort into this endeavor.” These visits to the research sites not only keep our research compliant with International Council on Harmonization/Good Clinical Practice (international ethical and scientific quality standard for pharmaceutical research) (ICH/GCP) guidelines, but also serve as a way to communicate between research teams and identify training or resource needs and other opportunities. “It is great to see the data firsthand and to hear stories from the researchers of the people who were helped by this therapy–Im glad to be a part of this research,” said Valerie.