Within the last two weeks, MAPS has raised $31,0

Within the last two weeks, MAPS has raised $31,000 for the MAPS-sponsored ibogaine outcome study enabling the study to be completed! The study has enrolled the 12th subject out of 30.

Principal Investigator John Harrison, “is heartened by, and grateful for the commitment of [the subjects] to stay connected and make such a vital contribution to this innovative research.”

John attended the Boston ibogaine conference, where he presented information about his study design and very preliminary findings, and engaged in question and answers with forum attendees. The forum included many prominent members of the ibogaine movement including organizer Dana Beal, the inimitable Patrick Kroupa, Dr. Carl Anderson, Rocky Caravelli, and many others. MAPS President Rick Doblin PhD closed the conference with an inspiring talk calling on researchers to share information and also an appeal to support this ground-breaking study. Video of Ricks and Johns presentation are available to be viewed online.