Threshold Foundation Donates $8400, SAePT Donate

Ashawna Hailey, on MAPS’ Board of Directors, presented information about our MDMA/PTSD research to a Threshold Foundation meeting. The Threshold Foundation is a group of philanthropists who meet together to pool resources and discuss their charitable giving. Ashawna made a presentation that highlighted our MDMA/PTSD research as a tool to help treat veterans of war. We wish to thank Ashawna for her speech and we extend our gratitude to the members of Threshold Foundation for their $8400 donation.

At their annual meeting on April 3, the Swiss Association for Psycholytic Therapy (SAePT) voted to donate 5000 Euros to the Swiss MDMA/PTSD study being conducted by Dr. Peter Oehen. We’re grateful for this contribution and the international collaboration between MAPS and SAePT, whose members include both Dr. Oehen and Dr. Gasser.