Crakers Lawyers Filed Witness and Document Lists

On June 5, Crakers lawyers filed potential witness and document lists regarding our pending Motion to Reconsider. On May 18, DEA filed an Interim Order requesting that Craker submit witness and document lists by June 5, 2009. DEA also extended the effective date of its final ruling to July 1, 2009, leaving it three weeks to consider whether or not to grant our Motion to Reconsider. On May 11, 2009, we asked the First Circuit, US Court of Appeals (where in a defensive maneuver we have filed a new lawsuit against DEA) to delay consideration of our case until after we learn how DEA responds to our pending Motion.

On April 29, Senators Kennedy and Kerry sent a letter to Deputy Attorney General David Ogden requesting that he take immediate action to delay DEAs final decision regarding Prof. Crakers application for a license to grow marijuana for research. This follows a similar letter sent on April 15 by Congressmen John Olver and Sam Farr requesting that Ogden intervene on behalf of Prof. Craker by asking the DEA to cease going forward on its May 1 deadline.

On April 13, the DEA filed its final response to Crakers March 11 Supplemental Motion To Reconsider and Exhibits submitted to DEA Deputy Administrator Michelle Leonhart, adding to a Motion to Reconsider filed January 30. These motions request a hearing to present opposing arguments to new evidence that DEA cited in its January 14, 2009, Final Order rejecting DEA Administrative Law Judge Bittner’s February 12, 2007 recommendation that Prof. Craker receive a license to grow marijuana for federally-licensed research. Prof. Crakers facility would be built at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and would be sponsored by MAPS.