Modified States Of Conciousness, Human Development And Knowledge

Dates: Weekend 1: 25th to the 27th of September, 2009
Weekend 2: 4th to the 6th of October, 2009
Location: Barcelona Area, Spain
Cost: 520 Euros per person (price is inclusive of entry for both weekends)
Sponsors: Applied Ethno Psychology and Cognitive Studies Society
Website: http://www.etnopsico.org/

Description: Seminar directed by Dr. Josep M Fericgla
Lectures by: Dr. Josep M Fericgla, Jonathan Ott, Jos Carlos Bouso, Jordi Riba y David Serrano

Theoretical-practical seminar oriented to train specialists in the use of States of Modified Conscience (EMC) applied to human development, psychotherapy and the generation of knowledge. This seminar is oriented to professionals and people interested in the subject of states of conscience, psycothropos, shamanism, psychedelic culture and treatment of toxic mania. It is unique in the world since the three main pillars are studied in an applied manner, which determines each and every experience of EMC: the context, the technique or triggering substance and the personality structure of the person. As well as this, several methods for integrating the experience are exposed and practiced.