ESF-LiU Conference on
The Changing Use and Misuse of Catha Edulis (Khat) in a Changing World: Tradition, Trade and Tragedy
5-9 October 2009 – Scandic Linköping Väst, Linköping, Sweden

Chair: Dr. Michael Odenwald, University of Konstanz, Germany
Vice-chairs: Dr. Nasir Warfa, Queen Mary, University of London, UK – Dr. Axel Klein, University of Kent, UK

Scope: The conference will bring together selected young and established researchers from different academic fields in order to present and discuss the current state of knowledge on the multi-faceted and swiftly changing issues related to khat at the Horn of Africa, in Europe and elsewhere. The aim is to foster the interdisciplinary exchange and discussion among economists, social and political scientists, natural scientists, social and medical scientists, healthcare and social care professionals, health service providers, as well as policy makers, international organisations and community groups.
Topics will include:
1. Economic, ecological and political issues of khat use
2. The changing culture of khat use
3. Pharmacological, medical and psychological issues related to khat use
4. Legislation, regulation and international schedulling  

Programmes and applications: available online at www.esf.org/conferences/09274

Grants: available for young researchers and for researchers from developing countries, to cover the conference fee and travel costs. Grant requests should be made by ticking appropriate field(s) in the paragraph "Grant application" of the online application form.

Deadline for applications and abstracts:
– for applicants from outside of EU who must obtain a VISA: 31 May 2009
– for all other applicants: 05 July 2009

Further information: visit www.esf.org/conferences/09274 or contact Ms. Jean Kelly, Conference officer (jkelly@esf.org)