Canadian Study: MAPS Starts Sister Organization in Canada

MAPS has partnered with a few Canadian Citizens to create MAPS Canada an official Canadian non-profit and sister organization to MAPS. MAPS Canada is being created to allow Canadian Citizens to make tax-deductible donations directly to MAPS-related projects (currently MAPS has a partnership with Tides Canada for Canadian Citizens to make donations to MAPS, call our office for details). MAPS Canada will provide the thriving  Canadian psychedelic community an outlet to fund more psychedelic research projects in Canada.

The Board of Directors is likely to consist of Rick Doblin, Ph.D., Valerie Mojeiko, B.A., and Robert Barnhart of the United States and Mark Haden and Phillipe Lucas from Canada. We are approaching other Canadians to join the Board so Canadians will compose the majority of the Board. The legal documentation is underway for this project.