Jordanian Study: Update April 2010

The Jordanian MDMA/PTSD study that MAPS is sponsoring has been approved by the Jordan IRB, and will soon be submitted to the Jordanian FDA. A team of five Jordanians from Al-Rashid Hospital in Amman will be coming to the United States from April 6th to 12th for an MDMA/PTSD therapist-training session, which will be held in Charleston, South Carolina and taught by Michael Mithoefer M.D. and Annie Mithoefer B.S.N. MAPS Executive Director Rick Doblin will be there on the first day of their arrival to welcome them all to the U.S., to express his appreciation for their coming to learn about MDMA, and to let them know how important their project is to MAPS. After the MDMA/PTSD therapist-training seminar, the five Jordanians from the Al-Rashid Hospital will travel to San Jose, California to participate in our Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century conference.