Psycomp Academic, a Tool for Psychedelic Researchers

MAPS’ ally PsyComp Academic is a free access resource for education pathways into research with psychedelic compounds.

Psycomp identifies postgraduate and postdoctoral positions relevant to psychedelic research as they arise. Examples of the types of research opportunities are pharmacology, neuroscience, cognitive sciences, anthropology, chemistry, botany, etc.

PsyComp is an evolving project and, when fully developed, will feature a searchable database of Undergraduate-level courses offering an opportunity to study subjects directly related to the psychedelic compounds.

Many great advances in our understanding of psychedelics have been achieved by highly-specialized non-professional researchers, and for those not wishing to attend an accredited institution Psycomp’s autodidact section will contain course materials and presentations donated by psychedelic researchers and educators. PsyComp is also developing a YouTube channel of video seminars and lectures that together with links to online courses, Open Courseware and online books will provide a ’virtual classroom’ for psychedelic home study.

If you have anything to contribute to Psycomp, email:

Psycomp Academic, a Tool for Psychedelic Researchers