Ibogaine Fund

MAPS is studying the effects of ibogaine-assisted therapy as a treatment for severe opiate addiction.

At present, there is relatively little data that rigorously evaluates the long-term outcome of ibogaine-assisted therapy in the treatment of addiction. MAPS is collecting observational data for the first prospective ibogaine outcome studies in order to contribute to the growing scientific literature about ibogaine as a treatment for drug addiction.


MAPS is currently conducting an international series of observational studies of the long-term effects of ibogaine treatment on patients undergoing therapy at independent ibogaine treatment centers in Mexico and New Zealand.

This study has all regulatory approval in place and is in process. By making a donation today you can help us add to the growing scientific data about the risks and potential benefits of ibogaine-assisted therapy for addiction.

$6,625 needed / $30,375 raised

New Zealand

We are also conducting an observational outcome study in New Zealand of the use of ibogaine-assisted therapy in the treatment of addiction, assisting Dr. Geoff Noller of the University of Otago. This study is currently in process.

$15,000 raised / additional funds provided by co-sponsor

We are also seeking funds for an experimental clinical study examining the use of ibogaine-assisted therapy in the treatment of addiction. We are seeking a $25,000 (or more) matching grant to complement another $25,000 from MAPS. Once we have the funding necessary to complete the study, we will begin work on finding a location and design suitable to our budget.

Donations of any amount are deeply appreciated.

Ibogaine Fund