LSD Psychotherapy Research Fund

MAPS is currently sponsoring the first clinical study of LSD in humans in over 35 years. Based in Switzerland and led by Principal Investigator Peter Gasser, M.D., this study is exploring the safety and effectiveness of LSD-assisted psychotherapy for anxiety associated with life-threatening illness. The study has enrolled and treated its twelfth and final subject. Once all subjects have completed the long-term follow-up portions of the study, we will analyze the results and prepare them for submission to a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Between the 1950s and early 1970s, a substantial amount of research on LSD-assisted psychotherapy demonstrated the safety of administering LSD in therapeutic settings as well as some degree of efficacy. MAPS is building on this existing body of knowledge and moving LSD-assisted psychotherapy through the regulatory process by designing new protocols that meet modern standards for drug development.

The Swiss study is the first step toward developing LSD into a prescription medicine for end-of-life anxiety. While all the necessary funds have been raised for this study, we will be developing other studies in the future.

Donations of any amount are appreciated, and it can be helpful to know how your contribution will be used. Below are a variety of costs associated with conducting LSD-assisted psychotherapy studies.

  • Enrolling and Treating One Subject for Entire Study: $18,750
  • Therapist Time for All Experimental Sessions for One Subject: $2,300
  • All Non-Drug Psychotherapy Sessions for One Subject: $1,350
  • Independent Rater for One Subject: $450
  • Non-Drug Psychotherapy Session for One Subject: $225
  • Medical Exam for One Subject: $150

Donations to the LSD Psychotherapy Research Fund will go towards future MAPS-sponsored studies of LSD-assisted psychotherapy as well as future studies of the safety and effectiveness of LSD in humans.

LSD Psychotherapy Research Fund