State Board of Pharmacy Reclassifies Marijuana

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Paige Clark, R. Ph.   

State Board of Pharmacy reclassifies marijuana

To implement S.B. 728, Board makes marijuana a Schedule II drug

Portland The Oregon State Board of Pharmacy acted today to remove marijuana from the list of Schedule I Controlled Substances, in accordance with a bill the legislature passed last year.

The new law, ORS 475.059 established by Senate Bill 728, requires marijuanas removal from a list of controlled substances that have a high abuse potential and no acceptable medical use in the United States.

The Board placed marijuana into Schedule II Controlled Substances, which contains substances that have a high abuse potential with severe psychological or physical dependence liability, but are accepted for medical use in the US and are available by prescription.  The Oregon Controlled Substances Act provides three additional schedules for substances that are progressively less serious or dangerous, Schedules III, IV and V.

The Board reviewed scientific and medical literature and heard testimony from experts and members of the public before voting to move marijuana into Schedule II. This action is consistent with Oregons assertion that marijuana does have an acceptable medical use.

Gary A. Schnabel, Executive Director, Oregon Board of Pharmacy