Accessing Spiritual Intelligence for Healing and Guidance with Ralph Metzner

Monday, April 19, 2010. 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM, with morning, lunch and afternoon breaks (food is not included).

$130, pre-registration is required.

In this workshop we will use methods derived from the shamanic, yogic and alchemical traditions of spiritual growth and consciousness transformation – methods that have been tested and applied in psychedelic as well as non-drug forms of psychotherapy and practice over the past twenty years. They are processes of structured intuitive inquiry, using yoga practices supported by rhythmic rattling/drumming for  mildly heightened states of consciousness.  Small group sharing, toning and drawing are used to further the integration of insights received (participants should bring art materials to the workshop).

We work in the spirit of the Roman deity Janus, god of doorways and transitions, whose two faces look in a balanced way into the past and the future.  We start by recognizing and exploring the interconnected web of relations that constitute our Present, the field of awareness and identity we call our Self, our life-world.

Using focused regression we can connect with unresolved or incomplete aspects of our past experience, especially the formative years of childhood and youth, to re-member and re-integrate them into our present life-world. This leads to a deepened sense of self and its history, and greater freedom to make choices in the present. These processes have applications in psychotherapy and healing.

Using focused anticipatory visioning, we can search the probability lines of possible future developments in work, relationships, creativity and spiritual growth. This leads to a heightened sense of self and its potentials and inspiration to realize our highest aspirations. These processes have applications in coaching and the development of creativity.


  • To experience and practice the meditative therapeutic divination methods developed by Ralph Metzner from shamanic, yogic and alchemical traditions.
  • To experience how this kind of divination encompasses both therapeutic and healing processes involving the past, as well as visionary anticipation of future possibilities, providing guidance and inspiration.
  • To experience how our developmental past can be accessed for healing and therapy; and our possible/probable futures can be accessed for increased freedom of choice and expression.
  • To experience how simple rhythmic drumming/rattling can support a concentrative process for the asking of questions and receiving answers from inner sources of intuition.