Swiss Study: One-Year Follow-Up Study Continues; Data Collection Underway

The experimental treatment portion of our Swiss study of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD ended in January 2010. The long-term (one year) follow-up portion of the study is currently underway and will be concluded in January, 2011.

Our new volunteer research intern, Audrey Redfield, Ph.D. candidate (Institute of Transpersonal Psychology), is entering the completed data from the Swiss study into the clinical database at our office in Santa Cruz, CA. Audrey is now entering data from the ninth subject, out of 14 enrolled (12 completed and 2 drop-outs). In the interest of timeliness and accuracy, we will be checking the data as we go.

By the end of August 2010, we expect that this preliminary data entry will be completed. As the remaining subjects complete the long-term follow-up measures, we will be adding their data to the database. The final analysis will be completed shortly after the final subject participates in the long-term follow-up in January 2011. We are tentatively planning to complete the writing of a paper for publication in the spring of 2011.