Switzerland Study: One-Year Follow-Up Study Proceeds

On January 8, 2010, the last of the experimental treatments were completed in the Swiss MDMA/PTSD study. The study, led by principal investigator Peter Oehen, M.D., with co-investigator Verena Widmer, R.N., treated 12 subjects with chronic, treatment-resistant PTSD. The investigators are currently collecting data for the one-year, long-term follow-up phase of the study. Eight subjects have already completed the long-term follow-up, three subjects have not yet done so, and sadly, one subject has died from an unrelated cause.

On June 14, 2010, at our office in Santa Cruz, CA, volunteer clinical research intern Tim Whalen finished building and validating the database for this study. On July 19, volunteer research intern Audrey Redfield, Ph.D. candidate (Institute of Transpersonal Psychology) finished entering the preliminary data into the database. Katharina Kirchner, M.A., who is assisting our Swiss end-of-life anxiety study, will also assist the investigators of this study with resolving data queries. The final analysis is scheduled for completion in January 2011, after the last measurements are collected from the final subject. We anticipate that the results will be submitted for publication in Spring 2011.