MAPS Hires Lobbyist for Marijuana Production Facility/Professor Craker Campaign

MAPS signed a contract with The Raben Group, a Washington, D.C., lobbying group. The Raben Group will initially review and analyze the political situation relating to the Craker case, then provide MAPS with recommendations on next steps for MAPS to consider. If MAPS and The Raben Group agree that securing the license is possible, The Raben Group will develop supporting materials; assist with outreach to other organizations or people willing to support MAPS’ efforts; schedule and staff meetings with the Department of Justice; and provide any necessary follow-up to Department of Justice staff as well as strategic counsel to MAPS. According to IRS rules, technically none of this work counts as lobbying since we are not trying to change any laws. Instead, we are working with a regulatory and enforcement agency, the DEA, to encourage it to follow the recommendations of DEA Administrative Law Judge Bittner. The judge determined that it would be in the public interest for DEA to issue a license to Prof. Craker to grow marijuana for MAPS for federally-regulated research.