Twelfth and Final Subject to be Screened for Swiss LSD Study

The twelfth and final subject in MAPS’ study of LSD-assisted psychotherapy to treat anxiety associated with life-threatening illnesses is now in the screening process. The study is taking place in Solothurn, Switzerland, and is led by Clinical Investigator Peter Gasser, M.D. Our goal is to enroll the twelfth subject and have the study completed by the late spring of 2011. When the study is completed and the data is analyzed, a paper about the results will be written and submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. We are simultaneously sponsoring a long-term follow-up study of our subjects. This portion of the study will collect data from subjects one year after their treatment session to see whether results are sustained over time. One subject has completed the long-term follow-up so far. When this research is complete, we will prepare a separate paper for a peer-reviewed journal.