Institute of Noetic Sciences 14th International Conference

From July 20-24, 2011, join IONS in San Francisco for its 14th international conference:

Noetic 2.0: Tools and Technologies for a World Transforming

Join in conversation and community with visionary leaders in the fields of consciousness, transformation, psi, healthcare, the arts, and cutting edge science, such as:

Edgar Mitchell, Rachel Naomi Remen, Briane Swimme, Marilyn Schlitz, Rupert Sheldrake, Joanna Macy, and Deepak Chopra.

Don’t forget to visit the MAPS table and learn how MAPS is contributing this growing movement of scientists, artists, and healers committed to finding effective technologies for changing the world–one treatment at a time.

On July 24, don’t miss a:

Post-Conference Institute with Deepak Chopra

Deepak will address practical ways to experience higher consciousness, transformation, and healing, asking such questions as:

  • Are we in the midst of a major paradigm shift in science?
  • Is there an ultimate reality?
  • Does consciousness conceive, govern, construct, and become the physical universe?
  • Is the universe becoming self-aware in the human nervous system?
  • Do we have the ability to influence the future evolution of the cosmos?
  • How does our understanding of consciousness enhance our capacity for total well-being (physical, emotional, spiritual, social, communal, financial, and ecological)?

Deepak Chopra is a world-renowned authority in the field of mind-body healing, a best-selling author, and the founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing. Heralded by TIME magazine as the “poet-prophet of alternative medicine,” he is also the host of the popular weekly Wellness Radio program on Sirius/XM Stars.

It will be an inspiring, life-changing experience of presentations, music, celebration, and community. Discover and apply the best practices for transforming our world.

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