Post-Conference Workshop: Visionary Art with Andrew Jones & Phaedrana Jones

MAPS 25th Anniversary Conference
Post-Conference Workshop



with Andrew Jones & Phaedrana Jones

9:00 AM-5:00 PM

Location TBA, Oakland Marriott City Center

Workshop Program

Creativity is the source we all come from and return to. It never actually leaves us, though most tend to feel like “I never had anything like it” or “I’m just too old” or “I’m simply not good enough.” Yet we are all creators of our respective realities—whether we are conscious of this or not.

Workshop Participants

Android Jones is an electrical artist. For Android, art is a tool used to navigate reality and influence human consciousness. His work is a fusion of academic techniques and emerging digital technology. Over the past 15 years, he has woven together a career as a dynamic designer, working on feature films and video games, and building online and physical communities through and Android has designed and built large-scale interactive installations at international events like Boom Festival and Burning Man that have held a creative container for tens of thousands of people. In 2011 Android had the honor of projecting live art on both the exterior and interior of the Sydney Opera House. His performance was broadcast live to millions of viewers. Today Android tours, performs, and teaches as a digital art evangelist and cartographer, helping shape new creative pathways for humanity.

Growing up and moving through a multitude of cultures and fields of creativity from an early age, Phaedrana Jones has worked with institutions and artists around the world fusing dance, the contemporary circus arts, theater, and anthropology. Her creative base moved from the UK and India to the United States in 2008. The incentive to explore the source of energy behind movement alongside traditional techniques has led her to undertake an inward journey in studios around the globe constantly relating and refining diverse movement vocabularies. She intuitively distills experiences from a multitude of realities, cultures, or states of mind, allowing the body to organically fuse elements of the disciplines internalized and forms sourced from cellular/collective memory.