Kaleidoscope Vault Auction Item Donation Form

We hope you’ll join us for The Kaleidoscope Vault, our experiential benefit celebration taking place on December 9 as a component of Cartographie Psychedelica, our 25th anniversary benefit conference and celebration in Oakland, CA.

MAPS is making an official call for in-kind donations of vacation and timeshare rentals, rare psychedelic memorabilia and collector’s items, gift certificates for local services, and anything else our networks can offer in support. If you have something that you’d like to offer MAPS to auction at one of our upcoming events, please fill out the form below and let us know what kind of treasures you have hidden for us in your own personal vault!

If you have questions, please contact MAPS Auction Manager Brian Wallace (brian@maps.org) or MAPS Store Manager Brian Brown (brown@maps.org).