International Bioethics Forum: Death and Dying

April 26-27, 2012 – BioPharmaceutical Technology Center, Madison, WI Coordinated by Promega Corporation and the BTC Institute, the 2012 Bioethics Forum promises two days of thoughtful information-sharing and discussion regarding Final Passages: Research on Near Death and the Experience of Dying. Focused on sharing of scientific research and consideration of related social and ethical issues, many questions related to Near Death Experiences (NDE), dying, and consciousness will be addressed by global experts, including:

  • What is a Near Death Experience (NDE)? What has scientific research revealed about NDEs? Are the phenomena associated with NDEs caused simply by chemicals firing in the brain – or is something more going on?
  • What do NDEs suggest about the possibility of consciousness continuing after death?
  • What do we know about the experience of dying? How is this knowledge shaped by different cultural and spiritual contexts?
  • What is a “good death”?
  • How does the study and exploration of mystical experiences and altered states of consciousness contribute to our understanding of death and dying?
  • How do interpretations of NDEs and the experience of death inform life choices? How can a heightened awareness of death lead to a more fulfilling life?
  • How do life choices influence NDEs and the experience of death?