Rainforest Plant Medicine Council Gathering (Costa Rica)

Rainforest Council Gathering July 24 – August 3, 2012 Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica To Experience Indigenous Science: “Nature as Teacher and Timeless Wisdom for Self, Community and Planetary Renewal” Space available for 18 participants Tuition By or Before May 22: $1200 / participant After May 22: $1400 / participant The Rainforest Council Gathering is a direct experience of self-discovery and wellness through Indigenous Science with primordial plant medicines hosted by Jonathon S. Miller, ethnobotanist, founder and steward of Guaria de Osa, and director of the Council for Cultural and Biological Diversity (CCBD). A share of the proceeds goes to conservation projects and to support for Secoya Community Elders. Click here more information and registration, or write to puravida@guariadeosa.com. sassafras