Researchers Present Findings from Canadian Study of Ayahuasca Treatment for Addiction

On September 27, 2012, researchers affiliated with MAPS Canada presented the findings from their now-completed MAPS-supported study of ayahuasca-assisted therapy for addiction and dependence to the Canadian First Nations Band involved in the study. Combining Western psychotherapeutic techniques with South American shamanic healing practices, this study gathered preliminary evidence about the safety and effectiveness of ayahuasca-assisted therapy. Treatment consisted of participation in a five-day retreat (facilitated by Gabor Maté, M.D.) in British Columbia, which included ayahuasca-assisted therapy.

The presentation was made in accordance with the First Nations Principles of OCAP (Ownership, Control, Access, and Possession) for research conducted involving First Nations communities. The Band was enthusiastic about the impact of the ayahuasca-assisted treatment on the subjects who participated and granted permission for the research team to present their findings to the scientific community. The research team is currently working on a paper for submission to a scientific journal, and will present the study results at our upcoming Psychedelic Science 2013 conference in Oakland in April 2013.