Ibogaine Researcher Thomas Kingsley Brown, Ph.D., Presents at Global Ibogaine Therapist Alliance

From October 2-6, 2012, the Global Ibogaine Therapist Alliance (GITA) conference in Vancouver, Canada, gathered international researchers and ibogaine treatment providers to discuss current science and policy surrounding the use of ibogaine in ritual and clinical practice. MAPS-sponsored researcher Thomas Kingsley Brown, Ph.D., was invited to present twice during the conference the results of our recently completed study of ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction in Mexico. In his first presentation to GITA members on October 5, Brown discussed the importance of documenting and publishing outcome data from observational research and encouraged ibogaine treatment providers to maintain and share records of treatments. On October 6, Brown participated in a public forum on ibogaine treatment along with a panel of researchers and providers. Keep an eye out for the full conference report in the upcoming Winter 2012 edition of the MAPS Bulletin.