Psychedelic Science & and Me (Video)

Leading researchers share why they study psychedelics, what their research is showing, and what they’re most excited to experience and learn at Psychedelic Science 2013.

NEW Rak Razam, author and filmmaker | Thursday, April 18, Film & Forum

NEW Thomas B. Roberts, psychedelic researcher | Thursday, April 18

Diana Reed Slattery, PhD, language researcher | Sunday, April 21

Austin Hill Shaw, creativity researcher | Sunday, April 21

Julie D. Megler, MSN, NP-BC, ayahuasca researcher | Sunday, April 21

Jacques Mabit, MD, ayahuasca researcher | Saturday, April 20

James Fadiman, PhD, LSD researcher | Thursday, April 18 & Saturday, April 20

Jessica L. Nielson, PhD, ayahuasca researcher | Sunday, April 21

Ben Sessa, MD, MDMA researcher | Saturday, April 20

Steve Beyer, PhD, JD, ayahuasca researcher | Friday, April 19

Amanda Feilding, Founder and Director of The Beckley Foundation | Sunday, April 21