MDMA and Autistic Adults: A New Research Study (Podcast)

Psychedelic Salon shares the audio recording of MAPS-sponsored researcher Alicia Danforth’s presentation during Burning Man 2013 at the Palenque Norte Lecture Series about her work investigating the effects of MDMA on autistic adults. The podcast concludes with a discussion between Danforth and Dr. Charles Grob about the upcoming MAPS-sponsored study of MDMA-assisted therapy for social anxiety in adults on the autism spectrum.

Listen to the podcast here.

Today’s podcast features a 2013 Palenque Norte lecture given by Alicia Danforth in which she tells about her work with the autistic community and their use of MDMA. Following that is a recording of a conversation with Alicia and Dr. Charlie Grob, who have just begun a new study to investigate the potential of using MDMA to help ease the social anxiety that is sometimes experienced by our friends and fellow saloners in the autistic community.